LOTAN – Lotan (LP)


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Release date: March 31 – 2023

*Black vinyl LP*

Lotan (Leviathan) – The seven headed dragon and the origin of chaos who began
a war against the cosmic order and gods of Mesopotamia. Lotan is a black metal act
from Denmark that mixes melodic black metal and black’n’roll with an aggressive
overtone. Formed by Phillip Kaaber and Martin Rubini (both members of the
renowned Danish Viking metal act Vanir), and joined by Lasse Guldbæk, Andy
Dragsberg and Jon Schmidt.

Lotan has released two critically acclaimed EPs Nihil Sacrum and Angelus pestis in
2020 and 2021. And are now getting ready for yet another fierce release. This time
it’s a full-length album Lotan that will be released via UPRISING! Records in early
2023. The album follows the same path as the EPs and draws its lyrical universe by a
mix between satanic spiritualism, Mesopotamian myths and existential philosophy.

The dragon has reborn – Lotan.

A1. Diabolis Victor
A2. Ignis
A3. Ashera
A4. Ishtar
B1. Servant Of Yammu
B2. The Faithless
B3. Leviathan


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