Terms of delivery

Price concerns:
All prices stated at the english part of Targetshop.dk are listed in Euros (€) or US dollars.
If you are a resident in a country which is part of the European Union (EU) – your order will be subject for an additional expense of your local VAT rate,
The VAT – if present – will be added to your order after stating your residence in the ordering process.
Futhermore you order will have 5.75% added for the handling of your credit card transaction. This is no income for Targetshop.dk but is entirely an income for PBS who is the caretake of all credit card transactions in Denmark.

The following are subject to reservations:
Sudden change of price, erronous currency, force majeure, sudden change of VAT rate, items out of stock, wrong number of CDs in boxes, erronous track list on targetshop.dk and typing errors in general.

The freight cost varies from country to country and on the number of products ordered.
It is therefore more costefficient to order multiple products simultaneously.
Your products will be sent directly to your home address.
Larger shipments have to be collected at your local post-office.

Payment options:
At present we accept Paypal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and JCB.
When you pay with credit card, the payment is handled by
our payment partner Quickpay to guarantee secure payments.

This is how it works:

  • During the order process you will be prompted for credit card type.
  • The last step in the process is you typing the card number and validation date from your credit card.
  • A control is carried out to make sure that your data is correct and that there is money on your account.
  • The money is reserved on your account. This means that you have no access to the amount but it has not yet been transferred to Targetshop.dk.
  • The same day the products are delivered to you,
    Quickpay will transfer the money to Targetshop.dk.

If a product in your order is back ordered and if you after 28 days still have not received the full shipment, the rest of the products will be cancelled from your order and the reserved amount will be released.
IMPORTANT! To ensure your safety and comfort we use a secure order form, which means that all content of the form is encrypted (coded to unrecognizable characters).
No external parties will be able to access the information you have given.
For further reading check “Security”.

We will send an order confirmation with information about your purchase by e-mail as soon as we have received your order.
We highly recommend that you save the order confirmation if you should find the need to contact Targetshop.dk Customer service later on.

Contact info:

If you need to contact us, please do so on info@targetshop.dk

Return policy:
You have the right to return undamaged and unused products.
Notification about this shall be done immediately upon reception of the product or latest 14 days after reception.
The notification shall be done to Targetshop.dk’s customer service:

DC Norden / Target Shop
Skifervej 2
4990 Sakskøbing
+45 28 69 47 11

or through a standard mail to: info@targetshop.dk
The message shall contain the title of the product(s) you wish to return.
The returned product shall be in an unused and undamaged state in its original package (seals or plastic wrapping must be intact).
Return the product together with the invoice to Target, c/o DC Norden, Skifervej 2, 4990 Sakskøbing, Denmark
State the cause of the return on the back side of the invoice!
You will have to pay the freight cost for the return.
Return against cash on delivery is not accepted.

Targetshop.dk guarantees that the products you have ordered are free from errors at the time of delivery. If you should receive a defect or wrongly supplied product, contact customer service at Targetshop.dk without delay or at the latest within 14 days after reception. Customer service will take care of your complaint and will pay for the freight.
Return the product in the state that it was received followed by a damage or error report.
The returned product shall be in an unused and undamaged state in its original package (seals or plastic wrapping must be intact).
Return the product together with the invoice and a print of the mail received when the order was placed. State the cause of the return on the back side of the invoice.

IMPORTANT! You must contact customer service before you return wrongly supplied or damaged products to get the return request approved and the return postage paid.

The responsibility for errors in ordered products is limited to the terms now stated.

Non picked up goods:
If we receive packages that have not been collected at the post office,
we reserve the right to charge you for all our costs that appear when handling your order and shipment.

Targetshop.dk preserve the right to log all incoming HTTP request and their responding IP-adresses.
If abuse is suspected, we can choose to take legal action against the abuser and will prohibite further use of Targetshop.dk.

Delivery time:
The normal delivery time is 4 respective 20 working days from the day the order was placed. If an order contains CDs with a delivery time of both 6 and 20 working days, the CDs in stock will be delivered after 6 working days and the rest as soon as they are delivered to stock from our suppliers.
You always have the possibility to cancel the purchase if a longer delivery delay occur.
Please contact our customer service if you wish to cancel your purchase.

We make reservations for the liability of delays or failed deliveries caused by discontinued products or the stock handling of our suppliers.

Targetshop.dk accepts the economic responsibility if products are damaged or missing during transport. However, you are required to contact our customer service within 14 days. The economic responsibility is yours if products are damaged or missing during the return transport.

When using your creditcard your information are protected by the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a protocol for secure transmission of data over the Internet (or other networks).
A protocol is a set of rules and procedures on how data are to be handled.
The SSL protocol has been developed by the company Netscape Communications and is now an industry standard for secure transmissions.
SSL protocol processes the data in several different ways in the purpose of making it unreadable for malicious third parties. The processing is called encryption. When the data is received by the recipient SSL reprocesses (decrypts) it again to make it readable for the recipient and a control is made to ensure that the sender of the data is the valid one (Server authentication). It also checks that the data have not been changed during transmission (Message integrity).
SSL uses digital certificates to validate sender, recipient or both sender and recipient of the data transfer. A digital certificate is the “tool” that is used to tie the information about an individual or a company to a so called “public key”.
This key has two purposes:
All SSL certificates for the Internet use are handled by companies that are certified as certificate creators (or authorities). This brings that all SSL-certificates are unique and correctly made. Everyone applying for a SSL-certificate has to prove their company or their own identity to be able to purchase the certificate.

The only demand for customers is that they have a webbrowser that can use SSL which is true for all popular browsers like Internet Explore 4+, Mozilla FireFox 0.7+, Opera 5+ and Safari. On others word – finding a browser which doesn’t work with SSL is rather hard!

Targetshop.dk doesn’t not handle creditcard informations by ourselves. This is done by our partner Quickpay that provides the gateway.
Quickpay is one of Denmark’s leading providers of gateways.



Your order will be processed within 10 days.
The shipping time depends on the country you live in.

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