DECEPTION – Daenacteh (LP)


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**RELEASE DATE: March 22 – 2024 **

With their upcoming, fourth studio album “Daenacteh”, Norwegian melodic death metal band Deception are broadening their creative songwriting. The result is
a bigger sound with more experimental passages and more harmonic content than ever before in the Stavager collective, while they’re looking to dive deeper
into the international market to expand their audience.

With lyrics and music of taking you the listener on a journey through the desert following a young woman trying to care for her family in a brutalitarian state
during a national emergency, “Daenacteh” hits the spot on grandiose, epic melodic death metal with the right amount of symphonic influences.

Drawing inspiration from bands like Wintersun, Septicflesh and Blood Red Throne, Deception create brutal, hard hitting, technical music surrounded by dark, beautiful and majestic soundscapes with the use of orchestral instruments and synths. After two initial full-lengths, “The Mire” (2021) was the first album going in this direction and was well received both nationally and internationally.

Throughout their career, Deception have toured abroad, headlined multiple national tours and have supported acts such as Hypocrisy, Insomnium, Testament and Entombed among others.
Recently, the band got an extra spotlight after singer/guitarist Sindre Wathne Johnsen was announced as Blood Red Throne’s new singer.




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