ADVOCACY – The Path Of Decoherence (CD)


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Release date: January 19th – 2024

The world is at risk of ever increasing turmoil these days and how 2024 will address this is still uncertain. Fortunately, not all will be tears & sorrows when the songs tell the tale of this year, as at least one line in the music chapter can mention the release of the long-awaited debut album by the Danish prog metal unit Advocacy.

“The Path of Decoherence”, mixed and mastered by Frederik Uglebjerg (Svartsot,Trold) sees the band’s compositions, already praised by the genre fans for their previous two EPs, becoming more complex and, at the same time, heavier and more melodic, as the band is highly motivated on bringing their musical world to an international audience.

Even though basically every press release for every record
out there tells the same tale, please take a listen to “The Path of Decoherence”, put it together against Advocacy’s previous material, and dare to challenge us.

With artwork by Disturbing Grace Design and cover art done by the band’s guitar player Søren Wind, “The Path of Decoherence” is classical hit-the-ground-running debut album from a non-typical mature band for their first full-length.

Advocacy was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in the Spring of 2015 with influences from metal, jazz, and progressive rock. The band’s music is multi-faceted with unorthodox time signatures, three-part vocal harmonies, and compositions that take the listener on a musical journey through wide, dynamic levels and complex instrumentation. The lyrical themes are based on existentialism, societal issues, and the stormy depths of the human minds.


1. The Path Of Decoherence
2. Prayer For The Reckless
3. Leap Of Faith view
4. Star Formation
5. Cut Loose
6. Deranged
7. Interlude
8. Unnamed


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