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Release date: February 16 – 2024

Vanir is one of Denmark’s most prominent melodic death metal bands and have, since the band’s
inception, released six full length albums. And now, they’re ready to unleash their seventh beast,
titled “Epitome”.
The theme of this new opus is the Danish middle-ages, with two songs branching into the
renaissance (“Wood Iron And Will” and the early middle-age “Blood Eagle”). The core of the
album’s theme is the throne and the battles fought to keep it or to cement its power.
The first single of the album, “Twisting The Knife”, was writen about The Stockholm Bloodbath,
which was a trial that led to a series of executions in Stockholm between 7 and 9 November
1520. The siege of Arkona in 1169, lead by the Danish and Pommeranian forces under Valdemar
I is the beginning point for “Fall of Arkona”. Finally, a song about strength, valour and courage
(“One Man Army”) complete the singles trilogy of the record.
The “Epitome” album cover is a depiction of the Danish queen Sorte Grethe (Black Greta). In her
own time, Margaret had a reputation as a competent and enlightened regent. Regent Margaret
was faced with the unresolved conflict between the crown and the archbishop. The song “Sorte
Grethe”, on the album, is about a bloody battle where 12.000 men were killed to protect her
families’ right to the crown.
Vanir has been around for more than 10 years and has evolved a lot since the bands beginning.
With the last three records, and now with “Epitome”, Vanir shows its hard edge and catchy
melodic death metal.
From the Sagas of old, to the halls of kings and the bloody battlefields, Vanir’s music has been
put together, without compromise, with a fascination with Scandinavian common origins, and the
blood spilled throughout history.

1. Twisting The Knife
2. One Man Army
3. Wood Iron And Will
4. Sanguis Et Aurum
5. Sorte Grethe
6. Call To Arms
7. Fall Of Arkona
8. Blood Eagle
9. Kings Will Fa


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