THORIUM – Ocean Of Blasphemy (CD)


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2021 repress – limited to 500 copies

Release date: March 12 – 2021

I hope you will find this comfortable….
This is the opening line on this album, taken from an ancient Dracula movie, and in 2021 we will finally see the re-release of the debut album from Scandinavian cult death metal band Thorium. “Ocean Of Blasphemy” will be available on vinyl for the first time in three different colors and on a new CD version. Both formats with exclusive bonus tracks.
“Ocean Of Blasphemy” was recorded in the summer of 1999 and released in early 2000 by Danish label Diehard Records (RIP), with this re-release marking the 20 year anniversary of the original album release.

The conception of Thorium was spawned by mastermind MHA who wanted to create a band mixing the death metal styles of the Swedish and the Floridian death metal scenes. Inspired by artists like Entombed, Dismember and At The Gates on one hand and on the other Deicide, Morbid Angel and Brutality, he hooked up with equally minded friends from the Scandinavian scene. Thorium was always meant to be a Scandinavian band with no specific country as their home. Over the years this has shown to become impossible, so today Thorium consists of purely Danish members. But previously people like Jonas Lindblood (Puteraeon, ex-Taetre), Martin Schulmann (Centinex, Diabolical) and Johan Axelsson (ex-Deranged, Killaman), all from Sweden, has been a part of Thorium, and on the recent 2018 album Perra Karlsson (Nominon, ex-Benediction, etc.) played the drums and toured with the band. Songwriters on “Ocean Of Blasphemy” included contributions from Rogga Johansson (Paganizer and 666 other death metal bands) and before mentioned Jonas Lindblood. Today. Thorium are still going strong after nearly a quarter of a century delivering old school death metal.

As bonus tracks on this re-issue you’ll find the two first ever recorded songs by Thorium. Both were recorded at Soundzone studio in one day back in 1998. Diehard Records signed the band the minute they heard these two songs.
Worth mentioning is also the artwork which is done by Joe Petagno (mostly known for his Motorhead artwork and being close friends with Lemmy). Back in the late 90s, Petagno was still not a house-hold artist name in the death metal scene and when MHA visited him in his gallery at Amager in Copenhagen, there was no doubt which motive he wanted for the album cover. This album still looks amazing today.
Wanting a different and more “evil” sound, inspired by recordings by Emperor and Immortal, the band went to Bergen in Norway to record at the notorious Grieghallen Studio. With this recording and the mix from Jacob Hansen, and mastering from Tue Madsen, a sound never heard before from a Danish death metal band was a reality. “Ocean Of Blasphemy” sounds like no other bands, and no other albums.
Thorium has played many shows over the years across Europe. Recently at Metal Magic Festival, Aalborg Metal Festival, Naestved Metalfest and in the past big international festivals like Party-San Open Air in Germany, Nuclear Storm Festival in Slovakia and Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic.


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