STATEMENT – Dreams From The Darkest Side (CD)


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Release date: October 7 – 2022

Danish band STATEMENT is back with their fourth and most uncompromising album to date
which, like their last critically acclaimed album “Force Of Life”, was recorded in Medley Studios and
produced by experienced Søren Andersen. With the same line-up as the previous album, Statement
demonstrates their indomitable perfectionism after several long hours in the studio, with their heads
deeply buried in the world of music in the culmination between hard work and enormous focus in
further development – among other things with a more diverse songwriting.

”Dreams From The Darkest Side” is a heavy rock album that clearly expresses the band’s personality
and unity. Based on the band’s recognizable cosmos, ”Dreams From The Darkest Side” carries
Statement further into the facets of metal. An even higher range of flashy melodies and heavy metal
elements characterise ”Dreams From The Darkest Side”, without the band giving up their iconic
choruses and exuberant guitar solos in the span between rock, metal and emotionally ballads. The
lyrics are based on the band’s own depictions and experiences of life, with reference to the world we
live in. Deeply personal tales of band members’ depression, demonic thoughts, the struggle to achieve
dreams and the eternal search for love have brought Statement into the intensity and bias of fragility.
Set in the black hole of thought, ”Dreams From The Darkest Side” contains many emotions that make
the album the band’s most cohesive and personal album to date. In this spirit, the band delivers with
”Dreams From The Darkest Side” an ambitious, magnificent and intense craft – a true Statement!
Statement hail from the dusty and dirty suburbs of Copenhagen, combining the raw power of several
genres with their field-warrior melodic heavy rock and their assertive metal approach to form their
own unique sound – a sound that straddles hard rock, heavy metal and softer elements from the
world of pop.

Formed in 2011, the band has focused since day one on writing ear-catching heavy rock that touches
the very core of your soul. Statement released their debut album “Monsters” in 2014, followed by
the second album “Heaven Will Burn” in 2016, and third album “Force of Life” in 2019, and is now
coming with their fourth album, “Dreams From The Darkest Side”, in 2022.

1. Don’t You Hide It
2. The Reaper
3. Dreams From The Darkest Side
4. Sarifice
5. Lifeline
6. Here I Am
7. Beyond Control
8. Escaped
9. Indestructible
10. Fade Away


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