REPULSIVE VISION – Necrovictology (LP)


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Release date: August 28 – 2020

01. Other Than Divine (ft. Max Otero)
02. Exterior Of Normality
03. Necrovictology
04. Blind Loyalty
05. Draconian Reprisals
06. Selfless
07. Echoes Of Deceit (instrumental)
08. Through Gaslit Halls
09. Regret (ft. LandPhil)
10. A Lifetime Of Suffering Deserved
11. Nepotism-Social Chameleon
12- To Delve The Depths…
13. Paraskevidekatriaphobia

Heavily inspired by the history of controversy, Repulsive Vision is a relentless assault of punk fueled old school death metal in the vein of Carcass, Bolt Thrower and Benediction. Formed in 2010, this vicious four piece style is straight to the point and unapologetic, soaked in a punk-like aesthetic, while maintaining the emphasis on extreme metal composition.

After their debut album “Look Past The Gore And See The Art”, released in 2017, the Cumbrian four piece is now back with its second full-length, “Necrovictology”. Thirteen more tracks of unbridled aggression, once again, composed and compiled by Matt Davidson (guitars), Dan McEwan (vocals), Mark Kirby (bass) and Gary Young (drums), the album builds upon the punk fueled foundations of the debut, progressing their material both sonically and musically, advancing in speed, clarity and technicality.

A vicious 40-minute presentation of old school death metal, featuring special guest performances from Phil “LandPhil” Hall (Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan), Max Otero (Mercyless), and more.

* Old-school death metal , featuring special appearances by LandPhil (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan) and Max Otero (Mercyless), etc.
* Extensive European touring in 2020/2021, with slots including countries such as Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, etc.


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