NIGHTHAWK – Prowler (CD)


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Release date: May 12 – 2023

Friday night. The weekend is still a brilliant prospect and the tiredness suddenly transforms into  an energetic urge to have fun, to go on the prowl, to just LIVE. That’s when NIGHTHAWK’s
perfect blend of classic AOR and world-class hard rock kicks in best. Unapologetic, in-your-face and brilliant-as-fuck. “Prowler”, their new album, delivers exactly what it promise: first class

Then again, this band has the right pedigree to deliver the goods. Nighthawk started out as a solo project by Robert Majd (bass player in Metalite & Captain Black Beard). The idea was just to have some fun, play guitar and write some energetic rock’n’roll. The debut album featured a bunch of different singers. After that first album release in the summer of 2021 Robert got an itch
to do more.

This time the stakes would be higher. With the world famous Abbey Road Studios booked, a band and a collection of songs needed to match the caliber of the studio. Björn Strid (The Night Flight Orchestra, Soilwork & Donna Cannone) joined on lead vocals, Magnus Ulfstedt (Ginevra) on drums, John Lönnmyr (The Night Flight Orchestra) on keyboards and Christan Ek (Captain Black Beard) on bass. Nine original tunes together with two covers (of Kiss and Bruce Springsteen classics!) were recorded live in the studio in just two days.
So, fasten your seatbelts. You’re about to take a rock’n’roll trip to the good ol’ Friday nights that are still to come!

1. Highest Score
2. Running Wild
3. Action
4. Flame Still Burns
5. Free Your Mind
6. God Of Thunder
7. Strike Like Lightning
8. Cover Me
9. Burn The Night
10. Playing The Game
11. See You Again


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