NETHERSTORM – The Steep And Savage Path (CD)


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Release date: December 17 – 2021

Netherstorm debuted in 2009 with an e.p. “Chaos From The Sky”. This one was well received and Netherstorm played several shows throughout the Netherlands.

In 2013 debut album “Apophis Rise” was released. Despite the succes this album brought the band they decided to split up later that year to pursue other projects.

In 2020 original member Mike Oude Geerdink decided to record some songs in the all to familiar Netherstorm style and upon sending the songs to Vidar Records they were signed after just one listening session. When you hear good music and it feels good, you don’t need to hesitate and Vidar Records followed their gut feeling offering Netherstorm a contract.

On the second full lenght album “The Steep And Savage Path” all guitars, drums and vocals are done by original member Mike Oude Geerdink, while Luuk van Gerven (ex-After Forever, Ex Libris and live member for Robby Valentine) plays bassguitar.

Expect a perfect mix of modern death- and blackmetal: a hint of blackmetal with that everbeloved old-school deathmetal feel. Netherstorm is influenced bij Death, Morbid Angel, Dissection and Emperor without losing their own identity. The Netherlands has a long and rich list of high-quality bands: God Dethroned, Sinister, Cirith Gorgor, Altar, Pestilence and Asphyx are but a few. Now Netherstorm can be added to this list.


1. Hate Me For All Eternity

2. Swallow The Styx

3. The Steep And Savage Path

4. Maelstrom Of Misery

5. Winter Freezing Bleeding Wounds (instrumental)

6. Pape Satan, Aleppe

7. Into The Suffering City

8. Sepulchers Of Sorrow

9. Perpetual Journey (instrumental)

10-16 Instrumental bonus tracks.


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