INFERNAL TORMENT – Man’s True Nature (black vinyl) (LP)


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Black colored vinyl. Limited to 100 copies. All handnumbered.

Release date: December 18 – 2020
On the 25th anniversary of this dirty motherfucker of a classic death metal album, we present the ultimate vinyl reissue!

“Man’s True Nature”, INFERNAL TORMENT’s debut album, was ahead of its time in 1995. Recorded by a band whose members, later on, went to join the ranks of Illdisposed and Dawn Of Demise, it was received with awe and shock by the death metal community. To commemorate its 25th anniversary, it will be now re-released in vinyl for the first time via Emanzipation Productions on December 18th 2020. This vinyl run, exclusively available in, will have 300 copies: 100 yellow, 100 tree and 100 black LPs. All pre-orders on Targetshop comes with postcard and free download codes for the 1994 demo “Instincts”.

“Man’s True Nature” was recorded in the summer of 1995 at the legendary Borsing Studio with producer Jan Borsing (Illdisposed etc.), who captured the perfect brutal death metal sound Infernal Torment was looking for, deeply inspired by US bands like Suffocation. Jakob Batten, guitarist and composer, recalls from the studio session “We wanted to make an album that made Cannibal Corpse look like the Pet Shop Boys. The keyword was BRUTALITY. We used a bass amp for the guitars in an attempt to make it all deeper and oompf. It was a hot summer back in 1995 and we were recording in a dark cellar with no windows, no daylight in sight. In Scott’s words: It’s more brutal to be pale…!”.

“Man’s True Nature” will be released in vinyl (three different colours) in on December 18th 2020.


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