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Heidra are a Copenhagen based metal band playing a mix of melodic, black and power metal with folk-themed
undertones, powerful choruses and brutal growls. Heidra has a strong following in the Danish metal scene with an
established yet growing fan base and a rich gigging history around the country.

Heidra was formed in 2006 and has been steadily growing in strength, in song-writing and as a live performing band over the
years. Heidra released their debut EP “Sworn to Vengeance” in 2012 which was followed by the band’s first full. The band album
“Awaiting Dawn” in 2014. The album was recorded in Andy La Rocque’s (King Diamond) Sonic Train Studios and accompanied
by the bands’ first professional video filmed on location at the iconic Møns Klint for the song “The Eyes of Giants”.
These two critically acclaimed releases pushed Heidra forward and landed the band a series of concerts, including
two smaller international tours with bands such as Ektomorf, Infest and Noctem, a Danish tour and support concerts in
Denmark for folk metal giants Korpiklaani.

In 2016 the band were given a support slot on a full European tour in support of Ensiferum and Fleshgod Apocalypse.
This propelled the band, literally and figuratively onto the international stage and opened the door to many new fans and
new friendships.

At the conclusion of the tour work began in earnest to a follow up album, expanding upon and continuing the epic narrative
begun on “Awaiting Dawn”. “The Blackening Tide” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono in
Rome at Kick Recording Studio in 2017, and marked a further evolution in song-writing prowess and metal riffing majesty.
Following the release of “The Blackening Tide”, Heidra once again set out to conquer Europe, supporting Omnium
Gatherum on their European tour in the fall of 2019.

2020 became the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, and, as most actual band activity had been stopped in its tracks,
Heidra began working on their third studio album, “To Hell or Kingdom Come” – an album that would complete their
trilogy of story-driven concept albums, “The Dawn Trilogy”.

The album was recorded in Italy and Denmark in July and August of 2021 and like “The Blackening Tide”, was recorded
with Marco Mastrobuono. To play the drums on the album, the band enlisted the help of Francesco Paoli (of Fleshgod
Apocalypse fame) whose stellar drumming provided the backbone of “To Hell or Kingdom Come”.

This new album takes Heidra in a more aggressive direction, drawing inspiration from classic melodic death metal,
while at the same time having the band’s melodies and clean singing at its core. “To Hell or Kingdom Come” is set to be
released in April of 2022.

1. The Beginning And The End
2. Retribution’s Dawn
3. Dusk
4. The Rebith
5. Wolfborn Rising
6. Fall Of the Fey
7. To Hell Or Kingdom Come
8. Ancient Gates
9. Cloaks And Daggers
10. Two Kings


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