TIMECHILD – And Yet It Moves (LP) (red)


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Limited red vinyl LP edition

Release date:  February 25- 2022

TIMECHILD is massive and organic heavy rock from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band’s soundscape consists of a powerful and present lead vocal, characteristic twin guitars and atmospheric vocal harmonies, which together create their unique Scandinavian expression.
The band was formed in 2020 by four experienced musicians from different corners of Denmark. With a past in a number of past and present
Danish rock and metal bands, the band members have previously crossed paths on both Danish and international roads and stages. When the
opportunity arose, they decided to unite their musical experiences and visions and created Timechild.

The debut album was written and recorded during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, which paralysed the Danish and international music
industry. However, this silence gave the band time to jointly develop their common sound and expression. The vision was from the start to show how heavy rock can continue to challenge and surprise in 2021. Although the foundation of the band’s sound universe is clearly laid by the rock giants of the past, inspiration is drawn both across time and genres. Precisely this opportunity to dive into the music history of the last many decades and through this define your own sound is one of the greatest privileges that today’s musicians have at their disposal. One can learn from the past without being backward-looking or unoriginal and one can be relevant and innovative without having to define a new genre.

This same mentality applies to the band’s lyrics. The title of the album “And Yet It Moves” is, according to legend, the last words that physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei said after the Vatican forced him to recant his scientific belief, that the Earth moves around the sun and not the other way around. Precisely this human search for the purpose of our own existence and struggle to elevate ourselves above the laws of nature, is a recurring theme in the album’s textual universe.

The record is produced, mixed and mastered by Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer, Thundermother, Marco Mendoza, Artillery). With his vast experience in the genre, both as a producer and musician, Søren was a natural choice when the band’s songs were to be immortalised.
The result is nine songs that broadly show the band’s dynamic range. From quiet, dark and melodic passages, over marching twin guitars to
heavy and energetic heavy rock. With “And Yet it Moves”, Timechild is ready to show the audience their expression of heavy rock anno 2021.


1. And Yet It Moves
2. This Too Will Pass
3. Haze Of The Dawn
4. Where I Now Belong
5. Children Of A Killing Sun

6. Shrapnel
7. Choir Of Man
8. Last Frontier
9. The Bite Of Frost


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