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Release date: February 25 – 2022

Although it is now quite a while since Svartsot have released new material, the band is still very much
alive and kicking. In the interim since 2015’s “Vældet”, the beer-soaked folk metallers have been active
on the live scene in Denmark and abroad, including appearances at various major festivals as well as at
the prestigious 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise in 2019. After a change of bassist and the decision to shelve
an album’s worth of material in 2017/18, the idea of releasing a collection of traditional folk songs that
have inspired the band, reworked in Svartsot’s characteristic style, was spawned.

The original idea was to release this fifth album, entitled “Kumbl” (an old Danish word meaning
‘monument’ or ‘memorial’), in 2020 to coincide with Svartsot’s 15th anniversary. However, due to
various practicalities, the album was first recorded — by none other than the band’s drummer and upand-
coming producer, Frederik Uglebjerg ( — during the pandemic. The release
also marks the band’s first collaboration with Danish metal label, Mighty Music.

“Kumbl” features 12 tracks that present a mixture of some relatively unknown and other more popular
folk and late medieval songs from Denmark and across Northern Europe. Two songs feature guest
vocal appearances by Andrea Uglebjerg, vocalist in the Danish punk band Situationsfornærmelse
and sister of aforementioned Frederik. Three singles will be released: “Liden Kirsten” is a traditional
Danish folk ballad telling the tale of how a king decided to make the lady of his desires the mother
of his children and his queen without telling her first; “Carmen Vernale” is a song from around 1500,
written by Morten Børup, cantor at Aarhus Cathedral, praising the arrival of spring and performed in
the original Latin — the melody is played each hour by the bells of Aarhus Townhall; “Drømte Mig
En Drøm” is an elaboration on the oldest recorded Danish song, being handed down to us in a runic
manuscript from ca. 1300. A music video will be released for “Liden Kirsten”, while a lyric video version
of “Drømte Mig En Drøm” will also be available.

In support of the album, Svartsot have been booked for a series of concerts across Denmark. Whilst
only a few European shows are booked or planned at the moment, more will hopefully follow, if travel
regulations permit.

1. Den Hoboeken Dans
2. Nu Stander Landen I Våde
3. Carmen Vernale
4. Ebbe Skammelsøn
5. Kragevisen
6. Villemand
7. Liden Kirsten
8. Rottefængeren
9. Den Store Stygge Stimand
10. Drømte Mig En Drøm
11. Ramund
12. De To Ravne


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