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Release date: November 12 – 2021

European heavy/power metal, with its strong melodies, big chorus, heavy riffs and bulletproof musicianship, is one of the most recognisable styles in metal. With roots back in the metal gods Iron Maiden, Rainbow and Judas Priest, the style morphed, evolved and developed throughout the years, producing new stars to the constellation (Avantasia, Rhapsody, Sabaton, to name just a few), but never really lost its soul and essence. This is the world where international act SCREAMING SHADOWS move.

With four strong albums in their back-catalogue, the band led by Tygers Of Pan Tang guitarist Francesco Marras is back with one of its strongest offerings yet: “Legacy Of Stone”. A powerful set of songs that embrace the true heavy metal and NWOBHM influences of the past, but delivers them with a cutting-edge musical sharpness and a clear punch in production. Clearly, one of the best heavy/power metal records in 2021.

After morphing the band into different line-ups and names, Screaming Shadows was established as an entity in 1999 by Francesco Marras. All the band needed was a demo-tape and a mini-CD before going to self-produce “Behind The Mask”, their debut album that quickly caught the attention of the heavy/power metal scene.

The following year brought two more albums for Screaming Shadows (“In The Name Of God” in 2006 and “New Era Of Shadows” in 2009, both released on My Graveyard Productions), before the band step up and sign to Jolly Roger Records. The following album, “Night Keeper”, released in 2011, featured a plethora of notorious guests, including Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Silent Force), Mattia Stancioiu (Crown Of Autumn), and Pier Gonella (Necrodeath), among others.

The following years were spent by Marras developing other projects, including his participation in the international project Verde Lauro, and also filling the shoes as the new guitar player of NWOBHM legends, Tygers Of Pan Tang. But now the wait is over and Screaming Shadows are back with a new album, “Legacy Of Stone”.

1. Free Me
2. Heaven Or Hell
3. Crimes With No Name
4. Love And Hate
5. The Devil’s Mask
6. Lost Child
7. Live For Your Dreams
8. Stand In Line
9. Shake Your Blood
10. Where I Have Been Up To Now


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