INFERNAL TORMENT – Man’s True Nature (CD)


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Release date: January 29th – 2021

On the 25th anniversary of this dirty motherfucker of a classic death metal album, we present now a reissue on CD, after big demand!

In 1995, after two well-received demos, INFERNAL TORMENT released their debut album “Man’s True Nature”. Besides the rabid and aggressive take on death metal, the album release was marked by the countless problems the cover artworks caused the Danish band, being banned practically everywhere. Tim Lynge, promoter at now closed-down Diehard Records, who originally released the album on CD back in in 1995 recalls “Calling the guys to inform about interviews, asking for tour dates etc., was like talking to angels in disguises. First, and as always, the cover which was censored in various countries was an eye opener, but the music spoke for itself. Didn’t take long for fans and media to discover that. As Headfucker Magazine’s, Raffaella Guerini, so truly said: “Hard to believe those little Beasts are so young!” …and hit’em with yet a 10 out of 10. Youngsters who managed to create a little cute, but mature Beast. Not only impressive, BRILLIANT!”
Scott Jensen, Infernal Torment’s vocalist and today in Dawn Of Demise, comments about the album and the artwork “Back then we just wanted to play some brutal death metal and we wanted the lyrics to reflect that. I guess they turned out a bit too exaggerated/graphical. I like that. And the cover fits that “concept” perfectly”.

“Man’s True Nature” was recorded in the summer of 1995 at the legendary Borsing Studio with producer Jan Borsing (Illdisposed etc.), who captured the perfect brutal death metal sound Infernal Torment was looking for, deeply inspired by US bands like Suffocation. Jakob Batten, guitarist and composer, recalls from the studio session “We wanted to make an album that made Cannibal Corpse look like the Pet Shop Boys. The keyword was BRUTALITY. We used a bass amp for the guitars in an attempt to make it all deeper and oompf. It was a hot summer back in 1995 and we were recording in a dark cellar with no windows, no daylight in sight. In Scott’s words: It’s more brutal to be pale…!”.
Infernal Torment went on to record and release the more melodic and complex follow-up album, “Birthrate Zero” in 1998, and shortly after disbanded, with key members joining bands such as Illdisposed and Dawn Of Demise. However, “Man’s True Nature” remains one of the ugliest and most non compromising brutal albums in the history of Scandinavian death metal!


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